$439,165.70 raised
$439,165.70 of $500,000.00 goal

**UPDATE 9:40am, Thursday 13 June 2024** 

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far.

Thanks to you we have smashed our original $300,000 goal to target 3 seats at the election!

Will you help us keep the momentum going?

If we can reach $500,000 we will be able to target 5 of Labor's marginal seats and burst the Canberra Bubble. 

We want to make sure Anthony Albanese can't set foot in WA without being asked about the ban hurting our farmers and rural communities! 

Australian sheep farmers and communities need your support.

People in the bush are already doing it tough with the drought and the ban on sheep exports has only made things worse.

While we do not have the deep pockets of activists and lobby groups, we have you.

You and thousands of other proud Australians who are willing to stand up and support our farmers and rural communities. 

Your generosity and support will make all the difference in giving farmers a voice before the next federal election.

Donate now to #keepthesheep.