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Farming communities have been crippled by the Albanese Government's ban on sheep exports. 
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The Albanese government has ignored the significant improvements that have made Australia a world leader in animal welfare.

Our campaign is bigger than just politics, it’s about people’s lives and livelihoods. 

The sheep industry has been the backbone of rural towns for over a hundred years and will soon disappear. 

We don’t have a second to waste.

To overturn the ban, we need to make an impact before the next Federal election.

Sign the petition to stop the ban and #keepthesheep!

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We Need To Keep The Sheep For

Our Farmers

WA farmers have developed sheep and wool industries suitable for our harsh climate. Sheep exports allow stock to be moved at critical times to help manage land, feed and water resources. Removing live export will hurt Australia’s sheep farmers.

Our Rural Communities

Rural communities rely on a strong sheep industry. It’s not just farming families, it's our stock agents, our shearers, our truckies, our schools, our sporting clubs and critical services like doctors relying on sheep for their livelihoods.

Our Shearers

Australia ‘rode on the sheep’s back’ as the saying goes. Shearers are an important part of the sheep industry and were the foundation of the Australian Labor Party. Shearing teams and their families are integral to rural communities.

Our Truck Drivers

Without trucks Australia stops! Truckies are essential to regional areas and often transport equipment for regional shows without charge. Exports create multiple movements of sheep year round and support truckies in the livestock transport industry.


**UPDATE 9:40am, Thursday 13 June 2024** 

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far.

Thanks to you we have smashed our original $300,000 goal to target 3 seats at the election!

Will you help us keep the momentum going?

If we can reach $500,000 we will be able to target 5 of Labor's marginal seats and burst the Canberra Bubble. 

We want to make sure Anthony Albanese can't set foot in WA without being asked about the ban hurting our farmers and rural communities! 

Australian sheep farmers and communities need your support.

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$439,165.70 raised
$439,165.70 of $500,000.00 goal

About Keep the Sheep

Keep the Sheep is a grassroots movement born to take action against the Albanese Government’s ban on live sheep exports.

The ban will devastate WA farming families and their communities. More than that, it will have consequences that will hurt truckies, stock agents, shearers and sporting clubs in WA towns like Kojonup, Wagin and Kulin.

The nations that buy our sheep overseas are concerned about the ban. They trade with Australia for our high quality and superior sheep.

The ban won’t create demand for chilled or boxed meat, it will simply push the trade to countries with far lower animal welfare standards.

We need to keep the sheep because a ban is unfair to WA farmers and their families, who rely on the sheep industry to survive.

Will you help #keepthesheep?

Keep the Sheep is an initiative of Farming Families and Communities WA and is powered by hard-working Australians just like you.

Become a Volunteer

By taking a few moments to complete the volunteer form below, you will be taking an important step in supporting our farmers and farming communities.

Volunteers like you are crucial in spreading the word both online and on the ground in person to overturn the ban.

As we get closer to the next federal election, we will be working closely with volunteers from across the country to get the word out.

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